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Car Detailing Houston

Ever thought about getting your car detailing Houston? Choosing the right car detailing company is as important as choosing the right insurance policy, mechanic, or tire company to keep you safe on the road.  Several factors need to be taken into account, including the company’s professionalism, the products they use, their attention to detail, as well as the equipment they utilize.  After all, getting your car professionally detailed requires professionals.

Juan Carlos Martinez, the owner and managing partner of Gulf States Automotive, has been in the car industry for many years and has plenty of knowledge and experience when it comes to car detailing in Houston. His company provides premium car detailing services inclusive of exterior wash, interior cleaning and conditioning, wheel, dent, and paint repair, as well as engine cleaning and ceramic coatings.

While most people may go through carwash machines to clean their car exterior, here are some of the reasons Martinez provides advice on why you should pay particular attention to getting more than a carwash and ensure you are getting your car detailed at least every three months.

  1. Extend your vehicle’s value

If you are planning on trading in or selling your vehicle in the future, keeping up with its maintenance and aesthetics will help retain more value.  If you research your vehicle’s value, you will see that several valuation sites ask for the car’s condition and offer up to 20% more for vehicles in above-average conditions.  “Our customers look at sites like Kelly’s Blue Book to assess their car value often and it helps them see the benefits of routine maintenance,” Martinez added.

Depending on the weather conditions of where you live, your vehicle may be subject to extensive heat, increased UV-ray exposure, heavy rains, and extreme weather conditions changes which will affect its condition if not properly cared for.  Protecting your vehicle with ceramic coatings will protect it against normal and extreme habitat exposure.

  1. More value for your investment

Getting your car detailed is much better than simply getting a carwash, as the benefits will last longer.  While a carwash is part of the “car detailing” process, a detail includes much more than removing the dirt off your vehicle and making your tires shine, it requires more conditioning and attention to detail.  “Your investment needs to be maintained, much like you do your own home,” Martinez said.

  1. Longer lasting vehicle

Considering all the things that go along with detailing your vehicle and paying attention to good maintenance, you can extend its lifespan by routinely scheduling your car detailing service and including things like engine cleaning, paint correction, paint protection, and wheel repair.  Staying on top of your vehicle’s condition will help retain its value and extend its performance.

  1. Safety for you and your passengers

Protecting your windows, mirrors, lights, and tires are some of the most important things you can do to ensure your safety and that of those that ride with you.  You would not want to drive your car and have an obstructed view because your windows or mirrors are covered in dirt, or have your taillights not be visible to other drivers.  Ensuring you keep up with your car’s condition will help you maintain your safety and those around you.

  1. Peace of mind

Having a clean car is as equally as important as having a clean home.  Checking under the seats is as important as checking for any dirt under your bed.  Exposure to increased dust and dirt can increase allergens and be conducive of health issues for some.  It is highly recommended to routinely service and detail your car to make sure that it drives safely and does not create an unhealthy environment for you and those that ride with you.

Gulf States Automotive provides full car detailing Houston! Let us know how we can help you.

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