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HTX’s best to keep you on track.

At Gulf States Automotive we take pride in providing the best car detailing services, as well as nano ceramic coatings, paint correction, high-end detailing, and paintless dent removal. Committed to customer satisfaction, our highly skilled specialists utilize cutting-edge technology and techniques to yield remarkable finishes and long-term protection for each vehicle. Satisfied customers all throughout the Houston Area have depended on GSA for all their car detailing services and cosmetic repair needs.

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Our focus is providing high quality and honest service that is tailored to each of your needs.

Premium Detailing

Paint Protection

Paint Repair

Nano Ceramic Coating

Interior Repair

Exterior Repair

Window Tint

Wheel Repair

Dealership Servicing

We offer an assortment of car detailing services Houston!  Including wheel repair, touch-ups, paint correction, PPF, Ceramic Coatings, window tint, and make-ready services for dealerships. A little bit about us, we’re originally owned and founded by Juan Carlos Martinez de Aldecoa in October of 2018, The company continues to grow at an exponential rate and plans to expand not only further throughout the Greater Houston area, but also develop within the state of Texas, the Gulf states, and various locations across the nation as well.


Your questions and comments are important to us. send us an email using the contact form below and one of our representatives will get back to you as soon as possible.

At Gulf States Automotive we offer a Military and First Responder discount to show our appreciation for our local heroes.

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